Global Happiness Policy Report Released

The first volume of the Global Happiness Policy Report was released at the Global Government Summit held in Dubai Feb 10-13, 2018. The World Happiness Reports, appearing each year in March, present the basic data showing how happy countries are, and why, while the Global Happiness Policy Reports help to fill the gap between the science of happiness and its policy applications.

Fifth World Happiness Report Ranks Happiest Countries

The World Happiness Report 2017, which ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels, was released today at the United Nations at an event celebrating International Day of Happiness. The report, the fifth one to come out since 2012, continues to gain global recognition as governments, organizations and civil society increasingly use happiness indicators to inform their policy-making decisions. In addition to the rankings, this year’s report includes an analysis of happiness in the workplace and a deeper look at China and Africa.

The 2017 World Happiness Report will be released on International Day of Happiness – March 20

This 5th edition of the report will feature national country happiness rankings, accompanied by expert chapters on wellness and economic progress. The topics covered this year will range from Social Foundations of World Happiness; Growth and Happiness in China; ‘Waiting for Happiness’ in Africa; The Key Determinants of Happiness and Misery; Happiness at Work; and Restoring American Happiness. The report is being written by authors Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, John F. Helliwell, Haifang Huang, Richard Layard, Jeffrey Sachs, and Shun Wang. The China team is lead by Richard A. Easterlin and the Africa team is lead by Valerie Møller.

World Happiness Report 2016 Update Ranks Happiest Countries

The World Happiness Report 2016 Update, which ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, was released today in Rome in advance of UN World Happiness Day, March 20th. The widespread interest in the World Happiness Reports, of which this is the fourth, reflects growing global interest in using happiness and subjective well-being as primary indicators of the quality of human development. Because of this growing interest, many governments, communities and organizations are using happiness data, and the results of subjective well-being research, to enable policies that support better lives.

World Happiness Report 2016 Update

On March 16, at the Bank of Italy in Rome, we will launch the World Happiness Report 2016 Update and its companion volume, World Happiness Report – 2016 Special Rome Edition. The launch will take place in the context of a 3-day sequence of events on the theme of happiness and well-being. For more information on the launch event […]

Video: World Happiness Launch Event

What are the sources of happiness? How do countries around the world rank when it comes to the happiness and wellbeing of their citizens? Watch the three co-editors of the World Happiness Report, Professors Jeffrey Sachs, Richard Layard, and John Helliwell, discuss the 2015 Report’s findings and the implications for all our societies.

Round up of Report Press Coverage

On April 23, 2015, the SDSN released the third edition of the World Happiness Report. The report has covered widely in the media; an abridged list of articles is included here.