Round up of 2015 World Happiness Report Press Coverage

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On April 23, 2015, the SDSN released the third edition of the World Happiness Report. The report has covered widely in the media; an abridged list of articles is included here.

Swiss reign supreme in world happiness ranks – The Guardian, April 23

The Path to Happiness: Lessons From the 2015 World Happiness Report – Huffington Post, April 23

This Country Has the World’s Happiest People – TIME, April 23

The happiest countries in the world – The Washington Post, April 23

Get happy in the world’s happiest countries – CNN, April 23

What’s the World’s Happiest Country? Does it Matter? – Newsweek, April 23

The happiest countries in the world, according to neuroscientists, statisticians, and economists – Business Insider, April 23

Researchers pinpoint the world’s happiest country – report – Reuters, April 23

Switzerland is the happiest country in the world; U.S. is 15th: study – Daily News, April 24

Which is the world’s happiest country? – Telegraph, April 24

Where does the US fall on the World Happiness Report? – CS Monitor, April 24

Switzerland is ‘world’s happiest’ country in new poll – BBC, April 24

Switzerland named the happiest country in the world – CNBC, April 24

These Are the Happiest Countries in the World – Bloomberg Business, April 24

This Country Is the Happiest in the World – Live Science, April 24

Animated map shows the 15 happiest countries in the world – Business Insider, May 9

Why the U.S. rating on the World Happiness Report is lower than it should be – and how to change it – Washington Post, May 11