Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs: A Conversation with Richard Layard & Jan-Emmanuel De Neve on Wellbeing, Science and Policy

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Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and two of the world’s leading experts on the economics of wellbeing, Lord Richard Layard and Professor Jan-Emmanuel De Neve to discuss their newest book, Wellbeing: Science and Policy. Together, they examine how wellbeing can be measured and how it can be promoted today and for future generations.

What produces a happy life and a happy society? Layard’s and De Neve’s new book offers a systematic exploration that brings together a fascinating and vast body of research in the past 20 years. This thought-provoking conversation explores the new science of wellbeing and how it can improve public policies and our lives.

The video recording of the session is available in the SDG Academy Library or can be viewed below.

The podcast episode is also available on Apple Podcasts.