Balance, Harmony, and Happiness? A Discussion of the World Happiness Report 2022

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Fostering well-being is a common goal among many individuals, communities, governments, and corporations. However, existing indicators of societal progress, such as the Gross Domestic Product, are often geared toward economic activities, which fails to capture the overall dimensions of a life that is “well-lived.”

Nikkei has formed an alliance called “Well-being Initiative” in partnership with the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation and leading Japanese companies to put well-being at the top of the agenda.

The 3rd Nikkei Well-being Symposium was held on March 25th, 2022. This symposium aims to disseminate concepts, trends, and actionable insights of well-being to business and community leaders, and members of the public.

The first session focuses on how the concepts of balance and harmony can enhance our understanding and tracking of well-being across the world. While balance and harmony are traditionally seen as “Eastern” concepts, the panel discusses how they may be universally valued. The panel discussion draws from a chapter that has been published in the World Happiness Report 2022, which is an influential publication developed by the United Nations that highlights important well-being trends and topics for scholars, community and business leaders, and policymakers annually. Additionally, the panel discusses promising directions in which research on wellbeing can advance.

Join us for an enriching session with globally prominent researchers and thought leaders in well-being.

Alden Lai, New York University and the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation

Lara Aknin, Distinguished Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Tim Lomas, Research Scientist, Harvard University
Yukiko Uchida, Professor, Kyoto University